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Double Glazed Sash Windows

“Balancing traditional appearance with modern technical performance and comfort”

Regional Winner of John Logie Baird Innovation Award 2000.

Sashworks double glazed sash windows are made from selected European Redwood from sustainable sources. All sections are double vacuum treated with preservative and primed with white microporous primer unless otherwise specified.

Case Profiles are made to traditional details generally to match originals. Alternatively, a pair of double glazed sashes can be fitted to an existing box/case that has been renovated and improved using the Ventrolla System.

Many styles of sash window have been successfully reproduced with our method of double-glazing. Examples include 6 over 6 “Georgian”, 2 over 2 or 1 over 1 “Victorian”, Arched and Swept Headed sashes, Venetian Windows, Bay Windows and horizontally sliding “Yorkshire Lights”.

Sashes are factory glazed with sealed double glazed units made to fine tolerances so that the spacer bars are concealed within the 15mm deep rebates as shown.
Glazing beads are fitted internally for optimum appearance, durability and security. NHBC approved “Heel Bead” method of glazing using premium quality tapes and sealant ensures neat finish and ease of future maintenance.

For multi-pane sashes the internal and external beads that form the astragals are bonded to the glass using purpose made double-sided tapes that have been tested for durability.

The ‘Duplex’ system of integral spacer bars within a single unit gives the appearance of individual panes without the usual performance problems.

Our double glazed sash windows can achieve ‘Part L’ (England and Wales) & ‘Part J’ (Scotland) compliance (see data sheets for details.

The patented Ventrolla System I (Winner of Design Council Award 1986) is built into all new case and sash windows to make them draughtproof beyond the highest requirements of BS6375. They will also open and close easily. The Ventrolla ‘Sash Removal System’ is fitted as standard to facilitate long term maintenance (complies with CDM regulations).

Brass centre catch and sash lifts are fitted as standard. Many decorative and security options are available to order. Sashes are normally hung on cords, pulleys and weights. Spiral balances can be fitted if required.

These windows are suitable for most Conservation Areas and for some Listed Buildings at the discretion of Planning Authorities.
We can provide any samples and drawings that may be required in applying for permission to use our windows.

All joinery, double glazed units and Ventrolla systems are covered by a written 5 year warranty.


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